Forum Aura Snowboard Boots Chocolate

Forum Aura Snowboard Boots Chocolate
Forum Aura Snowboard Boots Chocolate

$ 68.95

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Had a little work done and now she's better than ever. The Aura is a perennial favorite that offers style and performance at a great price. For 2008, it received the most significant makeover of all our carryover boots. Its refined court shoe-inspired outer with metal lace hooks is packed with our new 4D-molded tongue, innovative hybrid liner with 3/4 footbed and ankle supports, stabilizing internal cuff, and our rugged high-traction cupsole with self-cleaning tread.
Key Features of The Forum Aura Women's Snowboard Boots: Concentrix Level 1 Liner - Basic yet supportive, this no frills option features a molded EVA footbed, new anatomical PE supports, and adjustable calf straps for enhanced fit Silver Cuff Link - This option has a new custom lace look and provides much of the same comfort and hold as Forum's Gold Cuff line, except it comes in a stream lined configuration with an internal cage Cup Sole Traditional Lacing System Flex - 4

Brand: Forum
Category: Main

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