Burton Society Snowboard Pants Capers

Burton Society Snowboard Pants Capers
Burton Society Snowboard Pants Capers

$ 49.95

Be civilized yet play the edge in the women's Burton Society Pant. Waterproof/breathable DRYRIDE Durashell 2L fabric and our classic signature fit combine to protect you from wind, wet, and wacky style. Lightweight levels of Thermacore insulation protect your buns from freezer burn and with mesh-lined inner thigh vents, you can keep cool when hiking or springtime riding. When the snow-choked back bowls invite you to mingle; RSVP yes 'cause boot gaiters and jacket-to-pant interface let you have a blast without getting bogged down in the deep stuff.
Key Features of The Burton Society Women's Snowboard Pants: 5,000mm Waterproof 5,000g Breathability DRYRIDE Durashell 2-Layer Coated Smooth Face Woven Fabric [5,000MM, 5,000G] Fully Taped Seams Mesh Lined Inner Thigh Vents Taffeta Wrapture Lining Thermacore Insulation (40G Throughout) Includes Women's Burton Package Sig Fit

Brand: Burton
Category: Main

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